Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Emmerdale viewers slam ‘ridiculous’ plot as Caleb Milligan wakes from coma


Since joining the soap opera Emmerdale, bad boy Caleb Milligan has made a lot of enemies and most recently had to deal with the results of his egotistical behavior.

William Ash’s character Caleb Milligan was recently knocked off a cliff and put into a coma. After he awoke from his coma, viewers blasted the plot as “ridiculous.”

After much speculation from fans, it was revealed on Tuesday night that Caleb was actually pushed by his own son, Nicky Milligan (Lewis Cope).

Caleb admitted he knew Nicky was the one who pushed him as he sobbed, “I thought I killed you,” while sitting next to his father.

Fans took to Twitter to express their displeasure with the “far-fetched” storyline after the revelations.

Caleb wakes up fine from a coma after falling from quite a height onto a tree or rock or whatever it was, complained @ladychloe89. #emmerdale is ridiculous.

Straight out of a coma, with perfect speech and a full memory, said @Winis_World. Wow.”

The tweet from @Emmerdale2dae read, “Up and at em quick enough after being in a coma!! #Emmerdale.”

According to @fussyMcWhiskers, “#Emmerdale That hospital is like Lourdes, with people coming out of induced comas and cracking jokes.

“Pushed off a cliff, wakes up after being in a coma and remembers everything and has perfect speech?,” tweeted @TellyTwitcher. Make #Emmerdale make sense. (sic)

Not all viewers, however, found the scenes to be grating, as @BenthamFans praised: “Loving these scenes. Do you think Caleb will tell the police that Nicky tried to kill him? Alternately, let Mackenzie take the fall. (sic)

In the episode that aired on Wednesday night, Caleb woke up, leaving Nicky to worry that he would confess to pushing Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter).

Nicky was interested as the nurse came to check on him and asked, “What’s the verdict?” Leaving the nurse to report that Caleb was progressing well.

“He requires more sleep. He won’t remember much after what he’s been through, in any case. They can contact him when I let them know when they can.

“Still a shock to know that someone hated me enough to want to kill me,” Caleb said in a conversation with Chas.

Before Chas walked away, Nicky interjected, “The doctor thought that you might not remember much about it, anyway.”

Caleb intervened as Nicky tried to leave as well, saying, “No. Come on, take a seat. There are issues that you and I need to discuss.

You would have been charged with murder for that. You can stop acting as though you care because I can recall every detail.

“You were the one who pushed me. You left me to perish there.


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