Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Emmerdale’s Amelia Spencer targetted as social media job takes twisted turn


Amelia Spencer from Emmerdale has a successful online presence that has helped her and her dad Dan Spencer, who have been having financial difficulties, by generating income.

Sarah Sugden, an Emmerdale resident who is portrayed by Katie Hill, has been a huge asset to Amelia Spencer’s (Daisy Campbell) success on social media.

However, according to official spoilers, Amelia is about to go too far after receiving some stern messages from a subscriber, putting her at risk and putting her life in danger.

Future scenes show Amelia enjoying using her new ring light at the salon, but Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) cautions her to keep promoting the place of employment in her makeup tutorials.

Amelia is thrilled to see how appreciative her fans are and is eager to please after seeing the response to her most recent video.

Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) is furious when he learns that Amelia has been skipping class to work on her social media, but Amelia is unwavering in her resolve to keep using her profile to make money.

Jack Downham’s character Noah Dingle is also worried about how much time Amelia spends on social media, but when he expresses his concerns, she snaps and tells him to be supportive or stay out of it altogether.

He realizes he needs to win Amelia back and offers to assist her with her college work after she chooses to give him the cold shoulder.

All is well after the couple makes amends, but then Noah sneaks a look at Amelia’s incredibly active phone notifications and is horrified by what he sees.

Amelia is incensed by his meddling, but when Dan gets home, Noah tells him what he saw and insists they must stop her.

The following day, Amelia is upset with Dan for taking her laptop and phone, so Sarah is left to try to mediate between Noah and Amelia.

Later, a man poses as a client and enters the salon, but he is actually just eying Amelia with lustful interest.

Amelia is quickly taken aback when he says his name is Lloyd; she had assumed the subscriber she was speaking to was a woman. Lloyd is her top subscriber to her page.

When Amelia becomes scared, Lloyd demands one-on-one time with her and traps her inside, taking his obsession with her to an all-time high.

Fortunately, Mandy shows up just in time, but Amelia, who has since calmed down, insists she won’t involve her dad.

Dan is made aware of Amelia’s situation as Lloyd’s messages keep coming in and he also drops off a written note at their home.

They quickly learn that Lloyd is aware of their residence as well as the immediate danger Amelia and her family are facing.

Dan wants to involve the police in his plan, but a distraught Amelia is adamant that she doesn’t want that to happen.

Dan puts his foot down and calls the police when Lloyd succeeds in getting Amelia’s phone number the following day.

Will the police be able to assist Amelia once they arrive? Will they have mercy since she is the one who exposed herself online?


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