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Emmerdale’s Caleb Dingle in danger as he tries to put a stop to Corey’s dodgy dealings


According to the most recent Emmerdale show spoilers, Caleb Dingle puts himself in danger when he disagrees with Harry and Corey.

Next week, when Caleb Dingle (William Ash) dares to try and put an end to Corey’s (Kyle Rowe) illegal activities, things don’t look good for him.

According to ITV spoilers, he is left at the mercy of Harry’s (Robert Beck) heavyweights, who begin to physically assault him.

He finds himself in trouble after Nate Robinson (Jurrell Carter) misplaces a shipment of weapons.

When Nate rejects another illegal job offered to him by his former school friend Corey, problems start to arise.

He has been taking questionable jobs on the side for weeks and lying to Caleb about it, but he is determined to stop now despite the fact that he must support his family.

After speaking with Caleb, things start to get better when he accepts a management position, which makes an incredulous Corey lose his cool.

He finds it annoying that Nate has not only assumed the manager’s position but is also demanding an end to the illegal work.

Nate then discovers Corey moving illegal weapons and decides to intervene, but he is forced to scramble to hide them when Tracy (Amy Walsh) shows up.

Later, after telling Caleb what’s happening, he expresses his anger over the shady dealings.

Caleb, who is terrified, hurries to find the hidden weapons but discovers they have vanished.

Fearful Nate buries his head in the sand and ignores Corey’s messages because he knows there is no way he can explain this to him.

Knowing who the owners of the guns were, Caleb makes an effort to put things right and schedules a meeting with Harry, while a worried Nate informs Tracy of everything.

She tells him that she doesn’t want him to meet Harry alone and suggests he take Cain with him because she’s furious and concerned for his safety.

While meeting with a menacing Harry at the car office, Caleb makes an effort to maintain his composure. He puts his foot down and demands that any illegal activity be stopped, but he quickly realizes that he is in trouble. Will he be able to escape this potentially fatal circumstance?


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