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Emmerdale’s Caleb Milligan begs to remain in village after dark secret exposed


Exclusive: Caleb Milligan from Emmerdale has emerged from a coma following a terrible fall. The antagonist appears to want to stay in the Yorkshire Dales for the foreseeable future despite being persuaded to leave by his own son.

Will Ash, who plays Caleb Milligan on Emmerdale, explained to why he hopes his character can stay on the show.

Will elucidated, “Chas [Dingle] and the other Dingles have been so good to [Caleb], but there is this darkness in Cain [Dingle].

“There is just real darkness inside of him because he was scarred as a baby.”

The actor affirmed, “I think [Caleb] genuinely wants to stay in the village.

But he acknowledged that Caleb’s obsession with Home Farm “got the better of him” and caused him to lose focus on everything else in his life.

Will continued, “It almost felt like greed because he couldn’t see the wood for the trees.

In tense Emmerdale scenes, Lewis Cope’s Nicky Milligan may wind up in jail for pushing his father Caleb off a cliff.

Nicky was by Caleb’s bedside when he emerged from his coma earlier this week, and he informed his son that he knew he was to blame for pushing Caleb.

Will Caleb file a police report against Nicky or will he let someone else take the fall?

Will Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb), the only person currently suspected of pushing Caleb, be charged with attempted murder?

The Dingles are split over Caleb’s sinister plans to take over Home Farm and compel his son to wed Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham).

Even Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley), his half-brother, collaborated with Kim Tate (Claire King) to foil Caleb’s evil schemes.

Will Caleb, who nearly died from his fall, be able to earn the forgiveness of Cain and the rest of the family?

actor Caleb Will also made fun of the mysterious ex-wife of his character and whether she would ever show up in the Yorkshire Dales.

He said, “There is a wealth of history there, so it would be interesting to bring in that character later on.

Caleb isn’t interested in them getting back together, despite Nicky’s obvious recognition of the possibility.

Following Caleb’s accident, could the ex-wife—who also happens to be Nicky’s mother—make her Emmerdale debut?


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