Thursday, September 28, 2023

Emmerdale’s Caleb Milligan teams up with newcomer to destroy Moira Barton


By persuading the mechanic’s wife Moira Barton to sell Butlers Farm, Caleb Milligan of Emmerdale might damage his relationship with his half-brother Cain Dingle.

Will Ash’s character, Caleb Milligan, of Emmerdale has intensified his plot to depose Kim Tate (Claire King).

In an effort to win Kim and Gabby Thomas’ (Lewis Cope and Rosie Bentham) trust, Caleb has been cooperating with his secret son, Nicky (Lewis Cope).

Nicky had no trouble winning Gabby over, and they’ve even decided on a wedding date.

However, things are about to change when Caleb betrays Moira Barton (Natalie J. Robb) and Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) in upcoming scenes.

Fans will also finally meet Adrian (Andonis James Anthony), Caleb’s covert business partner.

According to ITV’s official spoilers, Kim is totally on board with Caleb’s scheme to persuade Moira to sell them Butlers.

He keeps watching Moira’s financial struggles with interest in an effort to get rid of her.

At Butlers, Cain and Moira are pondering their future as they stand in a field and look into the distance.

Caleb stands aside as Moira tearsfully admits defeat in her fight to save the farm, leaving Cain in disbelief.

When Caleb’s half-brother shows up at the mechanic’s request and suggests that he may have found Moira a way out, the mechanic, who has never fully trusted Caleb, is suspicious.

When Caleb suggests that Moira sell the farmland to Kim for the stud farm, Moira is unimpressed.

However, Moira swallows her ego and requests that Kim submit an offer on her property.

Nicky tells Caleb they need to find an alternative solution after several unsuccessful attempts to enter Kim’s password nearly lock her laptop. Nicky is under pressure.

Later, at the back of the Woolie, Caleb’s contact Adrian gives him USB sticks so he can infect Kim’s laptop with malware and steal her passwords.

Will Caleb and Nicky be successful in finding what they need on Kim’s laptop to carry out their plan?

And if Moira decides to sell her land to Kim, will Caleb ultimately succeed in destroying her?

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7.30pm on ITV.


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