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Emmerdale’s Caleb Milligan to seek ultimate revenge after Nicky betrayal


Exclusive: The bad guy from Emmerdale, Caleb Milligan, who was pushed to death by his son Nicky, awoke from his coma during Wednesday night’s episode.

Nicky Milligan (Lewis Cope), a character on Emmerdale, may wind up in jail for betraying his father Caleb (Will Ash).

In the ITV episode that aired on Wednesday night, Caleb confronted his son about being forced off the woodland ridge and then teased him.

Nicky begged his father not to go tell the police what happened as he appeared terrified.

The only person currently suspected of pushing Caleb is Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb), but will Nicky and his father let the farmer off the hook?

Caleb asked Nicky to sit down so they could talk about what happened after he awoke. saying, “There are some things that I and you need to talk about.”

Stop acting like I was pushed by you when I remember everything that happened, Caleb commanded.

Do you really believe you could get away with it since everyone assumed you had left the village?

Nicky said, “I came back to make peace. Then I realized you had lied to me when I overheard you boasting about having purchased Mill Cottage while shouting the odds in the street.

Caleb continued, “So it’s my fault you tried to kill me,” as Nicky stated, “The truth is you never cared about me or mum.”

The nanny objected, saying, “I didn’t try to kill you; I just followed you to the woods so I could tell you what I thought about you. It happened by accident.

Nicky pleaded: “You wouldn’t actually tell the police it was me, would you dad?” Caleb mocked, “You could go down for this.”

Caleb continued to make fun of Nicky by joking that he might have come to “finish the job” toward the end of the episode.

Will Caleb, however, accuse Nicky of pushing him in order to exact the ultimate retaliation?

Lewis revealed the following about Nicky’s relationship with his father in an exclusive interview with and other media: “Yes, he’s scared of him because there have been many scenes where he’ll try to stand up to him but he just never seems to succeed. He consequently feels definitely inferior to him.

The soap star continued when asked if Nicky has the ability to avenge himself: “We haven’t learned a ton about Nicky’s background.

“A lot of the information you’ve learned has actually been made up to try and get back at you. Therefore, you haven’t learned much, but I don’t believe he is a particularly aggressive person.

However, I believe that everyone has the ability, depending on the circumstance. In light of the circumstances, I believe it might attempt to repeat itself.

After a while, he continued, “I think you know, maybe he could be influenced by situations and do things again, we don’t know yet.”


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