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Emmerdale’s Gabby Thomas to get ultimate ‘revenge’ on Nicky Milligan after betrayal


On Tuesday’s episode of Emmerdale, Nicky Milligan’s guilt over telling Gabby Thomas he was gay moments before their wedding finally got the best of him.
In Emmerdale, Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) has been counting down the minutes until her nuptials.

Following a brief romance in the Yorkshire Dales, she was supposed to be getting married to soap newcomer Nicky Milligan (Lewis Cope).

Gabby mistakenly believed that Nicky was a close friend, but Nicky has been hiding the fact that he is gay and in love with a man named Ally (Josh Horrocks).

In an acrimonious twist of revenge, Nicky’s father Caleb Milligan (Will Ash) is pressuring him to wed Gabby as part of his grand plan to drain Kim Tate (Claire King) of all her money.

Nicky initially consented to carry out the marriage, but when Gabby asked him to formally adopt her son, he decided to come out as gay.

At the conclusion of the episode, a tearful Nicky told Gabby, “You don’t understand, I can’t marry you because I am gay,” admitting he wasn’t the right man for her.

Before the credits began to roll, Gabby, who was wearing her wedding gown, stood in front of Nicky with her mouth agape.

How will Caleb respond after his son’s admission that the wedding is off?

Twitter was flooded with theories from Emmerdale viewers, some of whom predicted Gabby would exact the ultimate retaliation against Nicky.

“I can’t wait for Gabby to exact her revenge #Emmerdale,” said Rosie.

According to @Perfwithsurf, #Emmerdale OMG. Sadly, Gabby. All prepared for the greatest day of her life, and only now has he revealed the truth to her.

Wow, Nicky finally came clean to Gabby, said Garry. #Emmerdale.”

Peggy said: “Aw Gabby looks lovely. I feel so sorry for her #emmerdale.”

Michelle penned: “I hope Gabby gets revenge when the truth comes out. Nobody messes with her or her family #Emmerdale.”

Will Nicky’s betrayal lead to Gabby ruining his life or even turning to murder?


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