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Emmerdale’s heartbroken Charity Dingle set to forgive Mack for ultimate betrayal


Emma Atkins, who plays Charity Dingle’s character in Emmerdale, spoke candidly about whether or not her relationship with Mackenzie Boyd in the soap opera.

Last week, Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins), a stalwart character on Emmerdale, was devastated to learn that Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) had cheated on her with young Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland).

Mack is the father of Chloe’s newborn child, which makes things a million times worse for Charity.

In the ITV soap opera, Charity was grieving after a tragic miscarriage when he cheated on her.

What will Charity do now that she has expelled her unfaithful husband from her home because she finds his behavior repugnant?

Is Charity capable of forgiving Mack, or is it already too late for the Scotsman?

Emma, who plays Charity, recently spoke candidly with about whether her character decides to get back together with Mack.

There is so much history there, she remarked. She has finally exposed herself by placing all of her eggs in Mack’s favor.

Emma joked that given “how they are all so connected,” she doesn’t anticipate working with Lawrence’s character Mack “anytime soon.”

Despite the fact that their relationship may be in shambles right now, Emma continued, “the beauty of soap is that you always run into those people because you live in the same village unless someone leaves, moves out, or kills someone, which hopefully won’t happen with those guys.”

Inferred from the actress’s comment that “it’ll be fine” is that her character might be willing to overlook her husband’s infidelity.

She questioned whether they would “try and make it work as a sort of strange, unconventional family” with Chloe and Reuben and said she could picture the couple going to “couples’ counseling.”

“She’s also done some of the worst things,” Emma continued, acknowledging that her character was anything but angelic. Therefore, she occasionally exhibits hypocrisy by nature.

After some time away from the messy situation, will Charity be able to move forward with Mack?

Will Mack soon be able to convince her and earn her trust again?

If they try again at marriage, how will Chloe and the infant fit into their lives?


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