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Emmerdale’s Jai Sharma dealt another blow after Manpreet betrayal


Jai Sharma of Emmerdale experiences yet another setback as a result of Manpreet’s betrayal.

When Chris Bisson’s character Jai Sharma discovers that Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) was aware of his adoption, he is destined for even more heartache.

Jai (Bhasker Patel), who is devastated by yet another betrayal by his family, was raised by Manpreet, who was married to Rishi.

Chris began by saying, “Rishi has really come around to try and make peace with Jay and let slip that he’s told Manpreet and Jai hits the roof again for the third or fourth time. Chris spoke exclusively to maiil.onile and other press about Jai’s storyline and how Manpreet also lied to him.

“Rishi is attempting to downplay the significance of the secret by claiming he never thinks about it and that it has no current impact on their lives.

However, in Jai’s opinion, it was significant enough that he told his ex-wife everything and was open and honest with her about it.

“I believe his point of view is that if he had never considered it, why did he feel the need to tell Manpreet the truth?

It “really shouldn’t have made any difference,” and “it’s not like it wasn’t on his mind at the time, but it was obviously on his mind.”

Later on, he continued: “His dad and his mother have been keeping this a secret for many years, and he is taken aback by it and doesn’t know how to compute it.

Then, after giving it a little more thought, he grows increasingly angry over being duped.

The soap star responded, “I’m not sure that things will ever be the same between Jai and Rishi or Jai and parents, I should say,” when asked if Jai will be able to mend his relationship with Rishi.

There won’t be any sort of reconciliation until they are able to come to terms with the revelations, but if they tell him the truth, he will have a better chance of doing so.

Jai and his family are about to experience turmoil due to a newcomer to the village, as if that weren’t enough drama already.

His cousin Suni (Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana) decides to show up in the village for the wedding as Jai and Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy) are getting ready.

According to ITV’s official spoilers, Rishi is overjoyed to see his nephew again after a long absence.

Rishi is hoping that Suni’s arrival will improve their tense relationship since Jai just learned that he is adopted.

However, as Rishi continues to deny being Jai’s biological father, Suni may be essential in bringing about family harmony as the wedding draws near.


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