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Emmerdale’s Kim Tate star hints character kills Caleb Milligan after bombshell drops


Kim Tate from Emmerdale is “not going to be a happy bunny” if she learns that Caleb Milligan has been preparing the ultimate retaliation against her on the ITV soap opera.
Kim Tate on Emmerdale, played by Claire King, has spoken candidly about how she might respond if she learns the truth about Caleb Milligan’s (Will Ash) plot against her.

Fans of Emmerdale are aware that Caleb, who wants to take over Home Farm, is the son of Frank Tate (Norman Bowler), Kim’s ex-husband.

Even though he is gay and is not in love with Gabby Thomas, he has persuaded his son Nicky Milligan (Lewis Cope) to marry her.

On the day of his marriage to Gabby, Nicky is expected to come out as gay in upcoming scenes.

When the ITV soap opera’s portrayal of the wedding falls apart, will Kim discover Caleb has been plotting against her?

The actress who plays Claire in the role of Kim opened up to and other media outlets about the explosive wedding episode, giving the impression that the “old Kim Tate” might reappear if she learns of Caleb’s treachery.

Claire said, “Oh she won’t be a happy bunny. “I believe that some of the old Kim will resurface.

“I believe the adage best-served cold may apply; I believe she will bide her time.”

Kim watched Frank suffer a heart attack and pass away on their carpet, as longtime Emmerdale viewers will recall, after she ruined his life.

The legendary character from Emmerdale continued, “It’s a really interesting plot, it’s the Dingles versus the Tates, so it’s nice to do this sort of thing as usually, I get entrances and exits.”

Claire responded, “I think they would probably like to see the downfall of Kim Tate but others are on Kim’s side, thinking, ‘They can’t do that, she belongs in that house!'” when asked how viewers might respond to the scenes that would follow.

Claire added that Will Taylor (Dean Andrews), Kim’s husband, already has “alarm bells ringing” about Caleb.

“Will, my guard dog has had a few alarm bells ringing due to the fact that [Caleb’s] throwing his family under the bus just go get me a farm,” she continued.
Caleb installs malware on Kim’s computer so he can hack it and steal all of her money as he thinks, “This is a little strange.”


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