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Emmerdale’s Mandy star teases dark plot for Mackenzie Boyd as Dingles take revenge


After betraying Charity, Lisa Riley from Emmerdale has hinted that Mackenzie Boyd will face the Dingle family’s wrath.

The Dingle family, as portrayed by Lawrence Robb’s Mackenzie Boyd, warned Lisa Riley in the movie Mandy, would not let her betrayal go unpunished.

After learning Mack was the father of Chloe Harris’ (Jessie Elland) son Reuben, the Emmerdale actress insisted the Dingles would support Charity (Emma Atkins).

Mandy is a Dingle, so it goes without saying that she will support Charity, the woman said.

Lisa continued, “Mack isn’t liked by Mandy anyway, so it’s unlikely she’ll help the couple get back together.”

“Also, in terms of Mandy’s relationship with Mack, he did her over with the money, and he set up Vinny with the gambling – so it’s a case of third strike and you’re out,” she revealed.

Is this a foreshadowing of the Dingles destroying Mack because he caused Charity so much pain just when she thought she had found happiness?

Lisa insisted that she always has “a ball” working with her co-star Lawrence, despite the gloomy scenes.

In her words to Inside Soap, “It’s good for characters like that – they love having scenes with Mandy because they know it’s going to be a fun day.”

Actor Lawrence has also hinted at the criticism he will encounter after the Dingles find out about his treachery.

He said in an interview with “Later on, there’s a big 17 or 18-page scene with Charity and Mack together – and that was a learning experience for us all. We hope we did it justice.

In a scene the following week, Mack says that it’s kind of a relief, but at that point, his entire world is collapsing.

“We all anticipate that it will reach a point where, as soon as Charity learns the truth, the Dingles as a whole will undoubtedly follow suit.

The Dingles are shown in one scene simply staring at Mackenzie in disgust.

Emma, the actress, has suggested that Charity and Mack might begin a “unconventional” relationship with Chloe despite Charity’s grief over Mack’s betrayal.

Emma remarked that “there’s always an aftermath” and suggested that the couple seek “couples counseling.”

Even where they would “try and make it work as a sort of strange, unconventional family” was a question she raised.

The plot “won’t end anytime soon because they’re all so connected,” Emma added.


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