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Emmerdale’s Mary Goskirk attacked as she uncovers lover Faye’s dark secret


In an upcoming Emmerdale episode, Mary Goskirk’s relationship with Faye is expected to end in tragedy and violence.
Many viewers have been left wondering what Faye’s (Jane Gurnett) true intentions are regarding her relationship with Mary Goskirk (Louise Jameson) ever since she moved to Emmerdale village. And in scenes that are depicted in the episodes airing the following week, everything is resolved.

After the former came out to her family on the ITV soap, Mary and Faye recently started dating.
However, viewers have long been persuaded that her new lover Faye isn’t exactly who she seems to be.

Fans will learn in upcoming scenes that their suspicions that Faye was up to no good were true.

But who could have predicted that Mary would be abandoned for dead as a result?

Faye initially sent mixed signals to Mary as they grew closer, but the next thing Mary knew, she was being invited to move in with her in Ecuador to start a new life.

Rhona (Zo Henry), Mary’s daughter, eventually agreed to go even though she was initially hesitant. Suzy (Martelle Edinborough) is still wary of Faye, though.

Suzy alerts Mary when Faye acts evasively regarding a bank transfer for the auction fund.

Mary, however, refuses to hear anything negative said about Faye and instead sends a sizable donation her way.

Mary desperately wants to hang onto the hope that Faye is with her for the right reasons despite Suzy’s day after offering more proof that Faye isn’t who she seems to be. Mary soon learns the truth, which is regrettable.

Faye is being secretive about her finances, so Mary decides to try things out with her.

Mary realizes at this point that Suzy has been correct about her the entire time.

When Faye realizes her plans have been foiled, she quickly shows her true colors. When Mary tries to recover the money from the con artist, the two women get into a fight over an envelope of cash.

However, Faye is so anxious to get away that she knocks Mary to the ground, where she is left bleeding and with a nasty head injury. Has Mary been killed solely for financial gain?

According to Jane Hudson, executive producer of Emmerdale, “Mary and Faye’s lovely love story is currently playing on screen. Mary is falling in love with Faye as we watch.

Since this is Mary’s first relationship after coming out, she has been extremely open and vulnerable. Sadly, the relationship will not end happily. Mary’s heart is going to be broken.

“I think what is really relevant for this story is how easy it is to be taken in, how easy it is to be scammed, and how easy love is to stop you from thinking rationally,” the author said.

“No matter what age you are, we’re all vulnerable of being tricked and scammed and catfished, it’s a really heartbreaking story,” Jane concludes.


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