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Emmerdale’s Tom King star addresses his future with Belle as Lachlan makes return


Belle Dingle of Emmerdale was happily surprised when her ex-lover Tom King visited the community and expressed a desire to make amends.

When Belle Dingle (Eden-Taylor Draper’s character in Emmerdale) learns that her ex-boyfriend Lachlan White (Tom Atkinson), a villain, is being transferred to a different prison, she will struggle with her mental health.

Her booking to see a counselor and subsequent disappearance from the village cause her family to become worried, and Lachlan casts a negative light on her new relationship with Tom King (James Chase).

Actor James commented on how Lachlan will impact Tom and Belle’s relationship, saying: “She wanted to withhold it because it was a terrible part of her life.

“Since Tom can’t reach Belle, he learns some of the specifics from Rhona and Jai [Sharma].

His top priority is to show Belle how much he loves her by being there for her as much as possible.

James mentioned Belle and Tom’s future as a couple. He insisted that they “make a great couple,” implying that they will be able to overcome this most recent obstacle.

Bell is beneficial for Tom because she gives him a little kick up the bum, he continued to Inside Soap.

“She gives him the facts straight. I believe they both share the same amount of love.

Belle hasn’t seen Lachlan in years, but given everything she’s been through with the serial killer, it’s not surprising that the most recent information has left her feeling uneasy.

According to ITV, PC Swirling will visit next week with updates on Lachlan, and worried Belle will confide in Vinny about her worries about Lachlan being transferred to a prison.

She decides to keep the information from Tom out of fear of overwhelming him, but she schedules a session with her therapist nonetheless.

Jai unintentionally causes Belle’s anxieties at work, and when Vinny discovers her in a distressed state, it’s obvious that she’s really struggling.

The following day, Rhona unintentionally discloses to Tom how much trauma Belle has endured, and he worries about what she hasn’t told him.

Tom soon demands the whole truth from Rhona and Jai but is worried that he hasn’t been able to get through to Belle.

When Chas learns that Belle has gone off by herself, she and Tom set out to find her.

Tom apologizes for what happened before he left the village because of the awkwardness of their shared history, but their conversation is cut short when they see Belle and worry that her mental health has deteriorated.

Will Belle be alright, and can Tom offer her the assistance she requires?


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