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Emmerdale’s Wendy Posner fears for Bob Hope’s health after heart attack scare


Emmerdale viewers saw Bob Hope’s health take a turn for the worse after an altercation with Liam Cavanagh.
Emmerdale fans will see Wendy Posner (played by Susan Cookson) continue to worry about her partner’s health in upcoming scenes.

Earlier this year, she got involved in an affair with her boss and village doctor Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson) behind Bob Hope’s (Tony Audenshaw) back.

However, their romance came to an abrupt end when Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles) revealed all to Bob after spotting Wendy and Liam sharing a secret kiss.

Although they tried to get past Wendy’s infidelity, jealousy and paranoia got the better of Bob last week, as he accused the pair of still seeing each other, which resulted in him having a heart attack.

As Wendy was by his bedside at the hospital, the pair had a heart-to-heart as he confessed to his underlying medical issue, suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Suggesting Bob learn from his heart attack by leaving jealousy and blame behind, fans were shocked when he decided to call it quits on their relationship.

However, official spoilers for scenes set to air next week show there are still feelings between them, which could show hope for a reconciliation.

As Wendy continues to worry about Bob’s health, he decides to stage a romantic surprise for her.

Although, something happens that results in his grand gesture not going to plan.

Elsewhere, Bernice and Nicola decide to plan a competition to see who can raise the most money for new defibrillator pads.

Could this be the end of Bob and Wendy for good? Or will they be able to put their differences aside?

Actor Tony Audensaw admitted he was shocked when he first learnt about the affair storyline.

He told Digital Spy: “It’s interesting with this relationship – it’s the first time you’ve seen a woman cheat on Bob. It’s mainly been the other way around over the years.

So it’s going to be interesting to see how it’s going to impact him. Working with Cooky [Susan Cookson, who plays Wendy] has been absolutely brilliant, I’ve got to say.

“It’s been joyful. So to hear that [Wendy] was going to be unfaithful, it was a bit of a shock when we’d only just got together!”


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