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EXCL: Former Coronation Street star Paula Lane details why she’s glad Kylie Platt was kill


EXCLUSIVE Paula Lane, the actress who portrayed Kylie Platt on Coronation Street, is happy that her character’s terrible demise eliminated any possibility of a comeback.
Kylie Platt, a famous Coronation Street character, hasn’t been on the ITV program in almost seven years due to her terrible death.

The actress who played her, Paula Lane, told in an exclusive interview that she doesn’t miss having the security of a potential return to Coronation Street.

Her on-screen son Max Turner (Paddy Bever) has recently deviated from reality and is presently being held in a youth detention facility after being found guilty of inciting terrorism.

A unexpected reappearance would normally be the ideal response to a hard-hitting plot, but Paula is relieved that it is not an option.

The mother of two tells us over the phone from Leeds, “I think it’s made me work harder.”

“I believe it’s challenging to walk back into something like that after closing the door, start up where you left off.

“It might not have had the same magic to it, either,” she muses. But how could you possibly guess? What is, is what is.

She exclaims, “It gave me an absolutely fantastic ending.”

She does admit, though, that the current struggles of her fictional family would have been a fine pretext for a brief return.

She acknowledges that it would have provided a lot of scope to be able to go back and continue the eccentric lives of those folks.

But she continues, “That’s simply how everything transpired, and I’m glad that I have to take on these new tasks today.

“It’s also fascinating to observe how others respond when they see you wearing something so odd. Nothing is more satisfying than that.

The cobblestones of Coronation Street are the furthest thing from Paula’s most recent job.

She is dressed in full Regency attire to portray Phoebe Throssel in J.M. Barrie’s infrequently performed drama Quality Street.

Northern Broadsides and New Vic Theatre collaborated on the touring show, which is a hilarious farce that has audiences in stitches.

She plays a character who has quite different values from Kylie, the wild youngster, in the film that has been compared to Bridgerton and Inside the Factory.

Paula is receiving a lot of appreciation from Corrie fans all across the country as the show tours the UK until July, including in cities like Scarborough, Blackpool, and Hull.

“I’ve been recognized a little bit more recently, especially since I’ve been in the cities.

“The other day, I was stopped and told, ‘I don’t know how David [Platt] put up with you.’

So, as you can see, Kylie is still a part of people’s memories.


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