Tuesday, October 3, 2023

For Her Sins star pays tribute to ‘formidable’ Rachel Shenton


EXCLUSIVE: Jo Joyner was thrilled to be a part of one of the first female lead pairings in For Her Sins.
The psychological thriller For Her Sins is currently airing on Channel 5, and it follows mother Laura (played by Jo Joyner), who is keeping a terrible secret.

Laura feels pulled in two different directions when she meets a mysterious stranger named Emily.

Should she be on guard when Emily enters her life? Should she take advantage of the chance to confide in someone?

The All Creatures Great and Small actress Rachel Shenton portrays the sinister Emily, and actress Jo expressed her appreciation for the experience to Express.co.uk and other media outlets.

“I loved working with Rachel, I had never met her before, and I think she’s a really formidable woman. We also share the fact that we don’t really party hard,” she said.

We connected over the fact that we were content to have just one drink before returning to my room for a cup of tea and some chocolate.

“We got along great, and it was very simple. I have had the good fortune to be paired with men frequently throughout my career, and I have worked with many wonderful men.I haven’t been paired with a woman for a storyline in a very long time, so it was really lovely because some men need some managing or might have a little more ego.

Because there’s always a different dynamic, working with Rachel and developing a female storyline was incredibly energizing for me.
Despite their considerable age difference, Jo claimed to find it stimulating.
She continued, “Our off-screen relationship was not complicated at all; in fact, it was very easy. She’s 10 years younger than me.Being around some fantastic young women my own age who are very self-assured was something I really enjoyed, as was the producer.

“I can see this line of feminism coming through, and they are body confident in a way that my lot weren’t,” the author said.It was really nice working with them because I found it to be so inspiring and energizing.
The four-part series is airing on Channel 5 over several days, with the finale scheduled for Thursday.


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