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How is Cindy Beale connected to George Knight in Eastenders?


On Wednesday night, Cindy Beale made her first appearance on EastEnders in 25 years. It was also revealed that she had a connection to a recent arrival to Walford.
Although Michelle Collins’ character Cindy Beale left the BBC soap opera in 1998, her recent return revealed a close relationship with newcomer George Knight (Colin Salmon).

After 25 years, Rose Knight, George’s ex-wife, was revealed to be the enduring character when she returned to EastEnders.

In recent scenes, Steve McFadden’s Phil Mitchel revealed to George that, after doing some research, he had discovered that the woman he had claimed to be Rose Knight didn’t actually exist.

George was shocked by the information, so he grabbed his phone and dialed what he believed to be his ex-wife Rose’s number.

The camera panned to a woman lying on a sun lounger with her phone ringing as the number kept ringing.

When she looked to see who it was, George’s name flashed up, but she chose to end the call by setting the phone back on the table.

Before the woman removed her sunglasses and identified herself as Cindy Beale, a close-up of the woman was displayed.

How is Cindy Beale connected to George Knight given the connection between the two characters?

What happened to Cindy Beale?

Cindy left the show back in 1998 after it was claimed she had died in prison whilst giving birth to her daughter Cindy Beale Jr (Mimi Keene).

The iconic character was jailed after attempting to kill Ian back in October 1996 due to his wanting custody of their children.

In 1997, Cindy was detained for his attempted murder, and Ian later learned that his wife had passed away.

Since that time, Cindy hasn’t appeared in the BBC soap opera, and everyone in Walford assumed she’s dead. Her body, however, has never been located.

When opening up about being back after 25 years to Express.co.uk and other press, Michelle said: “We filmed everything on location about six weeks ago.

“I am actually filming in the square again, and that felt very differently from how it feels now.

Unreal and nerve-wracking, but also extremely exciting! When the time came, I believe timing played a role because I didn’t think they could ever pull it off.

It all depends on timing, but if it had happened five years earlier, I would not have agreed.

How is Cindy connected to George Knight?

Viewers are aware that Cindy has been passing herself off as Rose, George’s ex-wife.

Cindy’s paternity as the mother of Anna and Gina, George’s two daughters, was also established. The girls have no idea why their mother left them or where she is.

The Thursday night episode, which is expected to reveal exactly what Cindy did after being released from prison, will give viewers the answers they’re looking for, according to BBC executives.


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