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Huge Emmerdale legend declares they will buy Moira’s farm – and it’s not Kim Tate


Emmerdale’s Moira Barton (Natalie J. Robb), who has been forced to sell her cherished farm to Kim Tate (Claire King), is about to experience the unthinkable.

She will continue to possess the house and the cemetery plot where Holly was laid to rest following her death, but she will no longer be the owner of the farm.

Recent episodes showed how distraught Moira was at the thought of losing her farm, the culmination of all her hard work.

What viewers are aware of and Moira is unaware of is that this is all a part of Caleb Milligan’s (William Ash) scheme to seize all of Kim Tate’s assets, which ultimately likely includes the farm. He most likely intends to restore the land to Moira because he promised his son Nicky (Lewis Cope) that he would see the Dingles immediately away if his plan was successful.

Caleb will find it extremely difficult to recover from causing that much harm and repair his relationship with Cain and the rest of the family after he sabotaged Moira’s meat production equipment, ruining her reputation and leaving her in despair.

But what if the farm was acquired by new owners?

A video recently surfaced of Moira informing Cain (Jeff Hordley) that she was going to sell the farm, and Emmerdale icon Kelvin Fletcher said that Moira might actually do that.

Kelvin said, “I’ll buy it,” making the crowd happy at the idea. One person wrote with approval, “Now that would be a great storyline,” while others expressed interest in the concept of Emmerdale returning to its Emmerdale Farm roots by include more real farmers.
‘Yes! Bring another farmer back, a supporter exclaimed.

Kelvin portrayed Andy Sugden for 20 years, running Butlers Farm for a large portion of that period while living there and later working for the Barton family once they took over the lease. His numerous significant plotlines included lighting the barn on fire when the farm experienced financial difficulties, which resulted in the passing of his adopted mother Sarah (Alyson Spiro).

In addition to concentrating on a career as a racing driver after leaving Emmerdale in 2016, Kelvin also made history in 2019 by triumphing on Strictly Come Dancing with professional partner Oti Mabuse.

It’s not the first time Kelvin has offered his thoughts on an Emmerdale plot and teased fans with the possibility of his comeback. In a recent scene, Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) and Sam Dingle (James Hooton) got into a fight because Will believed Sam had stolen his watch, which caused him to act aggressively.

Kelvin jumped in right away. To the delight of the audience, he threatened to “sort it out” if Sam was touched in such a way again.

As Moira and Cain prepare to lose their property, can Andy Sugden be the answer to their prayers? Sadly, there are no signs that Kelvin is truly scheduled to make a comeback, so for the time being, it appears like Caleb and Kim are in charge of everything.

In the fight for Butlers, who will prevail?


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