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Inside the life of Coronation Street’s Roy Cropper star including wife’s role in ITV soap


In 1995, David Neilson made his debut as Roy Cropper on Coronation Street, where he quickly won over the audience. You can find all the information about the 74-year-old actor on Express.co.uk.
The cardigan-wearing Coronation Street character played by David Neilson In the late 1990s, Roy Cropper rose to prominence as a star of the ITV serial drama, and over the years, he has appeared in many significant plotlines.

The most notable plot he was involved in was marrying Hayley Patterson, the first transgender character in the history of the soap opera, who was portrayed by Julie Hesmondhalgh.
Express.co.uk has investigated David’s life away from Weatherfield in light of growing health concerns for Roy.

His wife, Jane Neilson, is a special needs teacher who has experience working with autistic individuals.

When she suspected Roy, one of his characters, might have Asperger’s syndrome, David said: “I think he’s got it. He has an explanation for his actions, and I have a game to play. I like peculiar personality traits, and Roy has plenty of them.

In 1995, no one really understood what Asperger’s was, so I owe it to my wife.

Daniel, who is now 39 years old, is the son of Jane and David, who have been together for close to 40 years.

Although it is unknown how old Daniel’s two children are, the couple are grandparents to them.

David has previously spoken openly about how his late mother played a part in his Coronation Street role.

Just a few months before the celebrity actor was cast in Coronation Street, his mother passed away.

She nevertheless became a part of his character as a result of her shopping bag, which was a unique prop on the serial drama.

The actor revealed: “That bag was seen for many years wandering around Loughborough Market! It will soon turn 30 years old.

Just before I started working on the show, my mother passed away. As I was throwing things away, I thought Roy might like them.

He continued, “He was always knocking on Deirdre’s door, asking if she needed a bit of shopping, and initially, they gave me a carrier bag.”

Before getting a job on Coronation Street, David worked as a gas fitter, ice cream salesman, and bartender, among other things.

Prior to his time on Coronation Street, he also appeared in the competing soap opera EastEnders in the early 1990s.
He travels to Barcelona, Spain, or spends time with his grandchildren when he needs a break from Manchester and his cobblestone persona.


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