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Jo Joyner on surprise of ‘accidental reunion’ with EastEnders co-star


Jo Joyner, who recently rekindled her mother-daughter bond, is a star of the psychological suspense film For Her Sins.

Jo Joyner, an EastEnders star, and Ann Mitchell, her on-screen mother, are reunited in the Channel 5 drama For Her Sins.

In the BBC soap opera from many years ago, the couple portrayed mother and daughter Tanya Branning and Cora Cross.

Jo plays Laura and Ann plays Maggie in their current role as mother and daughter.

She commented on the casting, telling and other media, “Isn’t it funny? Totally unintentional on their end as well.

“They didn’t realize… it wasn’t a conscious thing when they cast.

“In reality, a sad aspect of the end of a job with someone is knowing that you are highly unlikely to work with them again.

I enjoy working with Jake Wood, but I am aware that we won’t likely ever be husband and wife again or appear on the same show.

Nicholls, Paul I’ve done it with Sunetra Sarka a couple of times, and that was unexpected, but it’s always a really sweet thing.

I have a great deal of admiration for Ann, she said, adding that the reunion was particularly special.

“She is such a wonderful actress, and she has such a fascinating past and amazing tales to tell.

But due to EastEnders’ schedule and the constant soap opera atmosphere, we hardly ever had the chance to talk or hang out.

“In Borehamwood, nobody loiters; everyone returns home to study for the day’s lessons.

“In contrast, for this, we were all working away from home, allowing us to have a post-work drink and chat.

We finally got to know each other after working together for so many years because of the calmer, more conducive environment.

She continued, “It was a different kind of relationship as well,” when comparing the two characters’ relationships in For Her Sins to those in EastEnders.

Therefore, in our previous mother-daughter relationship, she was the type of weaker soul that required saving.But in this regard, she is extraordinarily strong and excels at portraying strength. She is in command.

It just makes your job easier to act on it because it’s a complicated, close relationship with a strong woman and Ann is so good at it.


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