Sunday, December 10, 2023

Linda Carter of EastEnders has more heartache as Alfie and Sam get closer.


As Alfie Moon and Sam Mitchell get closer, Linda Carter in EastEnders is going to experience new heartache.

In a forthcoming storyline, Linda and Alfie will collaborate on behalf of a worthy cause. They have chosen to assist Stacey Slater, who is having financial difficulties, by working to sell Big Mo’s collection of wedding dresses.

In fresh scenes set to run the following week, Linda becomes more and more concerned as she waits for news from her attorney on Janine’s plea deal and worries that she might go to trial.

Linda is encouraged by Sharon and Alfie, who persuade her to go to the gym opening. Before Linda learns more about Janine, they discuss their shared boxing experience there.

Sam and Alfie are conversing about their unsuccessful love life while enjoying drinks at The Vic. As they become more inebriated, they joke about his relationship with Linda without realizing Linda is listening.

Fans have speculated that Linda and Alfie would end up dating, but Shane Richie, the actor who plays Linda, has dismissed the notion.

Alfie, he said to Digital Spy and other media, “hates to see someone hurt, and when he sees what happened with Mick and Linda, he just sees someone who’s hurt, and he wants to be a shoulder to cry on. I don’t think there’s anything there other than that,” he said.

How people interpret it is up to them, but Alfie has absolutely no feelings for Linda right now.


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