Thursday, June 8, 2023

Lola Receives Devastating News


In upcoming scenes, Lola Pearce, a young mother whose health is deteriorating, will learn heartbreaking news at a hospital appointment.

When the hospital calls to ask her to arrive early after her recent MRI scan, Lola is already working on planning a fundraising event.

Jay tries to hide his worries as Lola starts to worry and implores his wife to keep a positive outlook.

Lola and Jay are stunned when she receives a heartbreaking update about her condition at the appointment.

Lola makes the decision to carry out her fundraiser at home. She asks Sam Mitchell if she can use Peggy’s for the occasion, but she is shocked when Sam declines.

Fortunately, Phil intervenes and reassures her that she can use the club without paying.

As the event progresses, Lola’s actions start to worry her friends and family. Ben will also confront Lola if he thinks she is putting their daughter’s needs ahead of her fundraising, especially when she needs her the most.

Following the enjoyable evening, Lola extends an invitation to her mother for a girl’s night in with her and Lexi. Lola is surprised when Emma declines.

Later, Jay confronts Emma about her sudden lack of interest in her recently reunited family, but what is Emma’s real motive?

EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One.


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