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Major changes are introduced in Damon Hay’s stories by Coronation Street.


In the episode of Corrie that aired on March 22, the villain Damon Hay realizes that he might have had conflicting loyalties after having another private conversation with Sarah Barlow.

In recent months, Damon has been causing issues for Sarah’s brother Nick Tilsley by gaining access to the Bistro and utilizing it as a base for his drug-dealing empire.

The bad boy also hates Nick for arranging for him to be detained a few weeks earlier, according to the bad boy.

Despite this, after their intimate conversation this week at a hotel bar, which almost resulted in Sarah cheating on her husband Adam, Damon now feels a connection to Sarah.

In the episode airing on Wednesday, Sarah sees Damon in secret and makes an effort to win him over.

Sarah begs Damon to keep away from Nick and to fire Adam as his attorney in the hopes that she can now exert some control on her brother’s adversary.

Damon resists the urge to comply and says he won’t make any commitments.

Damon later asks Dee-Dee Bailey at the solicitor’s office for an update on his case.

Damon’s prospects of avoiding a jail term aren’t good, according to Dee-Dee, because whomever sewed him up understood exactly what they were doing.

Damon confronts Nick in the Bistro office for the second time this week in a fit of rage.

Will Damon lash out or follow Sarah’s desires by making peace as he shuts the door behind him?

Whatever transpires, Corrie executives have previously assured fans that they will soon get to witness a whole different side of Damon’s character.

Iain MacLeod, the producer of Corrie, said last month on ITV1’s Loose Women: “We brought [Damon] in to put the cat among the pigeons, and he’s certainly done that, I think you’d agree.

But over the coming months, we’ll be able to see that he has a different side to him. He has a heart, albeit I wouldn’t say he has a soft center.

“He will attempt to turn his life around and live straight for a while after making a really, really big mistake.

“His decision to try to change his life will involve a love interest,” says the author.


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