Thursday, September 28, 2023

NCIS Hawaii’s Kai death ‘sealed’ after being targeted by deadly foe in haunting promo


The upcoming episode of CBS’s popular NCIS spin-off features a dramatic standoff between Kai Holman and the subject of his friend-turned-enemy probe.
As well as being a tough opponent for Kai Holman, AJ Hale (played by Jonah Ho’okano) has emerged as one of the NCIS: Hawaii team’s most persistent enemies (Alex Tarrant). Hale and the NCIS agent were once close friends, but when the action-packed CBS drama resumes next Monday, Hale might prove to be the agent’s undoing.

In the upcoming NCIS: Hawaii episode, Misplaced Targets, Agent Holman and Jesse Boone (Noah Mills) are both trapped in a destructive explosion.

Holman will set out on a risky expedition to disrupt Hale’s plans once he realizes the trap was set for him. If successful, this mission could result in catastrophe for the Pearl Harbour task team.

According to the official synopsis, Kai is being pursued by his former friend-turned-criminal, and the NCIS team has to stop him. This information was discovered after a near-miss explosion at a meth factory.

Yasmine Al-character Bustami’s Lucy Tara receives her first significant case while on an aircraft carrier.

In a recent advertisement, the two agents examine the abandoned facility before realizing it is set to explode.

Holman was the intended victim, according to squad leader Jane Tennant (Vanessa Lachey), who afterwards surveyed the scene.

She claims that “this place was set up to blow.” And I was the target for that bomb, Holman responds.

Holman becomes terrified when Hale’s profile appears on the screens at headquarters.

Boone cautions his fellow agent, “AJ might be after you.”

After that, in a heated confrontation, Holman and his ex-friend are heard saying, “This ends now,” as the teaser trailer comes to a close.

Holman is forced to submit as Hale holds him at gunpoint despite the agent appearing to be without a weapon of his own.

With the possibility that the fan favorite’s tenure on the show is coming to an end, viewers are already anxiously awaiting the upcoming episode.

Either Holman suffers severe damage if more traps are laid, or Hale is successful in his objective to eliminate his ex-friend once and for all.

Fans’ reactions to the clip were alarming because they thought Hale would have more lethal surprises for them later in the program.

@earplegalcodes posted on Twitter, “That explosion was aimed for Kai?! And AJ is holding him at gunpoint in his father’s eatery?

“AJ Hale, you made a major error. PLEASE AT ALL COSTS PROTECT KAI HOLMAN! (sic)

“No Lucy, Kate, or Kacy in the promo…but um, excuse me?” commented @whistlersarmy.

If AJ hurts my cute King Kai, he must want those hands! At all costs, Kai Holman is protected in this area!

At this point in the second season, NCIS: Hawaii is unlikely to murder off one of its key characters, but the franchise is unafraid to shock viewers with a shocking surprise.

The high-stakes promotion has made sure that many viewers will tune in to make sure Holman survives his most recent fight, so hopefully he will.


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