Sunday, September 24, 2023

New EastEnders cast member hurls foul mouthed insults at Brian Conley


The EastEnders set is often a polished and focused environment where professional actors and knowledgeable staff members work together to bring Albert Square to life for millions of viewers. One new cast member, however, has been interfering with the action by using filthy language, much of it directed at Brian Conley, who plays Rocky Cotton.

On set, Brian has been subjected to some extremely colorful taunts in situations that most definitely cannot be broadcast before the watershed. But which actor or actress would act in such a manner?

Jasper Parrott is the name of the guilty party, primarily because he is a parrot. An source recently revealed to The Sun that he has quite the gob on him.

They said, “This parrot loves Brian.” It was amusing to watch them in between takes.

Evidently, issues arose very early on.

The source stated, “The bird has only recently begun filming, but on its first day on set it went off script with some colorful language which definitely could not be aired before the watershed.”

The majority of the take was spent calling Brian a w****r. Everyone was in stitches, but of course these animal performers are great experts, so it quickly returned to work with its beak shut.

When Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) learned that Rocky, the guy she was about to wed, already had a wife, if only the bird had arrived sooner.

Rocky had not seen Jo (Vicky Michelle) in more than 20 years, and he had forgotten that he was already married until he realized that he was on the verge of becoming a bigamist and that he needed to immediately locate his present spouse in order to obtain a divorce.

The showdown that ensued when she identified herself to a bewildered Kathy happened because Freddie Slater (Bobby Brazier), who had tracked her down but given her Kathy’s address, had done so.

The wedding was abruptly called off by Kathy, who could have used a few sage words from a potty-mouthed parrot.

Since then, the couple has reconciled, and Rocky surprised Kathy by arranging for Cheryl Baker of Bucks Fizz to appear at her Eurovision-themed birthday celebration.

Jasper Parrott makes his debut in Albert Square, causing problems for everyone as he reportedly frequently “goes off script” and leaves his fellow actors in stitches as they try to carry on with the scene. But as Rocky attempts to distance himself from his relationship with Jo, a custody battle breaks out as Rocky is determined to get the parrot back from his estranged wife.


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