Thursday, September 28, 2023

Next Week On Emmerdale


Paddy and Bear go on a double date the next week. Additionally, Paddy and Mandy are having a moment and Sarah is having a problem.

Two Dates!
Bear tries to help Paddy stand up again!

and schedules two dates.

I’m not sure if it will turn out the way Bear hopes!

Mack’s Admittance.

Mack has come to the realization that his guilt is too much and wants to come clean.

Sarah descends the stairs while clutching her chest just as he is going to confess to Charity.

She’s rushed to the hospital by her family!

How will she fare? Will Mack continue to tell Charity?

A fresh romance?

When Paddy notices Chas making out with Kev, he is not amused.

Paddy’s domineering ways have reached their breaking point, and Chas corrects him.

Paddy is clearly surprised when Mandy, who is watching the encounter, observes it.

It results in a few beers and passionate eye contact!

Will it ever end?

Party for Cathy
Cathy is having a good time celebrating her birthday!

Brenda, though, admits to taking the pill in order to bob.

Bob is not pleased that he was kept in the dark.

Samson is intrigued to learn that Noah is opening an account for Esther with money from his trust.

And Nate tries to lure Greg into a honey trap!


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