Thursday, September 28, 2023

Phil Mitchell to make exit from EastEnders as he lands new role


Since his debut in 1990, Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) has established himself as a fixture on EastEnders. But as he takes on a new position, he might be about to leave the show.

Actor Steve McFadden will be performing in a pantomime of Jack and the Beanstalk at Dunstable’s Grove Theatre this holiday season.

Tickets for the performance, which runs from December 8 to December 31, start at £17.

The actor will undoubtedly need to spend some time away from Albert Square as a result, but will the departure be permanent?

It just so happens that a murder, which was first teased during a flash forward episode in February, will be featured on Christmas day’s episode of EastEnders.

The first of its kind episode featured Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) proclaiming, “He’s dead,” as six Walford ladies, now known as The Six, surrounded a body on the floor of the Queen Vic.

Could Phil Mitchell become the corpse on the floor if Steve decides to exchange Albert Square for Dunstable?

Given that his ex-wife Sharon is dressed in a wedding gown and two other previous romantic partners are also implicated in the killing, many of his admirers are already persuaded it could be him.

In a scene that aired earlier this year, the camera was on Phil while Kat and Stacey Slater (Jessie Wallace and Lacey Turner) talked about how they don’t know where they’ll be “this time next year,” which made us fear that Phil would become a victim of The Six.

There is a good chance that Phil Mitchell will finally meet his match this Christmas because all we know for sure about the victim so far is that they are male and are sporting a particularly eye-catching pair of cufflinks.

But Steve has previously performed in pantomimes when he was on EastEnders, so it’s completely feasible that Phil will still be on the show when next year rolls around.

We still have a few more months to wait, whatever happens.


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