Sunday, December 10, 2023

“Reduce EastEnders to three episodes a week,” says Russell T Davies


Before the premiere of his television series Nolly, which centers on the star of the well-known British soap Crossroads, which ran from 1964 to the present, Davies was speaking.

Russell T. Davies, who explores the world of soap operas in his new ITVX drama series Nolly, has declared that if given control of EastEnders, he would reduce the show’s weekly episode count.

The returning Doctor Who showrunner was questioned about what he would do with the BBC soap opera in a comprehensive story for The Times that he co-wrote with Mark Gatiss, one of Nolly’s actors.

“Reduce EastEnders to three episodes a week, and you’ve created 100 spots of television every year,” added Davies.

He continued: “I’d use those to give EastEnders writers – inventive teams who have created enough divorces and chases and drugs and murders – to write sitcoms and come up with game shows.”

The subject of Davies’ new television series Nolly is Crossroads actress Helena Bonham Carter’s character Noele Gordon, who was fired from the long-running soap opera at the height of her popularity.

Additionally, it will examine “how the system reacts to women who refuse to follow the norms, the women it cannot comprehend, and the women it fears,” according to ITV.

Davies previously shared his thoughts on the show in an interview with He said: “It’s the tale of a woman falling from grace and having everything snatched from her by men. The queen loses her crown. Therefore, even if I had made up this tale, I would be immensely proud of it because it depicts a strong woman battling for equality in the workplace.”

The fourteenth season of Doctor Who, which will air after three 60th anniversary specials in November, is also being worked on by Davies.

The series’ “entire back library” should be made available on iPlayer, Davies argued in the same interview with The Times, because “it’s our heritage and it deserves to be there so kids can fall in love with Doctor Who like they do with Friends.”


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