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Six stars returning to EastEnders – and those leaving and joining


With engaging plots, character-driven issues, and tear-jerking farewells, EastEnders has recently routinely delivered the goods, elevating the show to the top of its field.

The BBC One soap is now on fire, and this quality is showing no signs of abating, with a number of significant changes about to cause a commotion in Albert Square.

Yes, the cast of EastEnders will be changing frequently this summer. In addition to saying goodbye to a beloved character, we’ll also be bringing back some beloved ones.

who is departing, though? Who is returning? And when and by whom will the Vic be taken over?

If you’ve asked any one of these questions, if not all of them, you’re in luck because has all the solutions.

If you’re eager to learn everything there is to know about the activities taking place in Albert Square over the coming months, we have you covered.

Who is coming back?
Ian Beale and Cindy

When it was announced that Cindy Beale will be mounting a comeback, with Michelle Collins poised to reprise her iconic role almost 30 years after the character was killed off, EastEnders fans were utterly floored.

As if that weren’t intriguing enough, it was also revealed that Ian would be going with her, despite fans’ speculations that Cindy was the person he was talking to on the phone when we last saw him at Dot’s burial.

Cindy’s motivations for coming back, or how she survived her death off-screen, are still unknown, although actress Michelle was seen filming on a country house; she apparently had previously completed sequences with Adam Woodyatt.

How thrilling!

Fowler, Lisa

You’ll be happy to learn that Lisa Fowler, portrayed by Lucy Benjamin, will also be returning to the Square this year, although for a brief period, if Cindy and Ian’s return wasn’t enough to whet your nostalgia hunger.

Lisa is not alone, though; she is also accompanied by her granddaughter Peggy, who will undoubtedly cause friction in Sharon and Keanu’s marriage. In 2019, after her buddy Mel was killed following a high-speed automobile chase, Lisa was last seen in the Square.

At the moment, Mel was going to reveal Sharon’s relationship with Keanu, and Lisa was going to blame Sharon for her best friend’s passing.

I can’t wait to make my comeback as Lisa Fowler after going to Spain in 2019 with Louise and her granddaughter Peggy, said actress Lucy.

Playing her is really a pleasure because, without a doubt, in typical Lisa manner, she will bring with her plenty of drama for many of the folks on the Square.

Mitchell, Sam

It’s hardly surprising that everyone was upset when Sam Mitchell left for Spain in a black cab after making quite an impression on EastEnders viewers when she returned to the Square last year with actress Kim Medcalf resuming the role for the first time in 17 years.

There’s no need to worry, though, as Sam’s disappearance is just temporary. An EastEnders representative told that Kim will return to the show at a later time this year.


Fans are hopeful that Sam will return in time for the delivery as she traveled for Spain to accept a job managing a hotel there in an effort to generate as much money as possible for son Ricky, who is set to become a father.

Sam is more needed than ever by her loved ones, according to a source who spoke to Inside Soap. “With her son Ricky due to become a father and the Mitchells soon to be in pieces following the loss of Lola,” the source said.

Linda Carter

When Shirley Carter made the sad decision to leave Walford in the wake of her son Mick’s disappearance and subsequent death at Christmas, she broke the hearts of the entire country.

After giving the Square one last glance, the well-known persona turned and walked down Bridge Street with Lady Di in behind, symbolizing what is believed to have been the end of the Carter era after Mick’s ‘death’.

At the time, Shirley’s fans were heartbroken and fervently hoped for her eventual return. Although no specific date has been given, quickly confirmed that she would indeed return in the future. A spokeswoman at the time declared, “Linda Henry will be returning to EastEnders.”

Shirl, return quickly! Without you, The Square just isn’t the same.

Patrick Trueman

In an effort to try out love, Patrick recently departed the Square in the hopes of finding Yolande, a previous flame, and reconciling with her. Since then, the superstar has only made one appearance, video phoning Kim to see how she is doing after the automobile accident that seriously injured Denzel Danes.

The enduring icon will, however, make a real comeback in the upcoming weeks, as seen by a photo posted by EastEnders’ official social media accounts of actor Rudolph Walker posing with Sharon Watts actress Letitia Dean.

The knight statue that can be seen in the background of the Vic indicates that the image is from a scenario that has yet to air.

Who will attend?
Charles Knight

When George Knight shows up in Albert Square the next week to tell Linda Carter that he will be joining her behind the bar and confirm that he is Elaine’s new lover, he is expected to make quite an impression.

Given that she thought she would be running the pub with her mother and her mother only, the shocking turn of events leaves Linda dumbfounded, but George is confident that he won’t cause any issue and is merely there to create a life for himself and his daughters.

Will he, however, honor his promise?

It’s unclear, but it’s safe to say that George’s entrance will usher in a new era for EastEnders as the Knights leave their imprint on the bar now that we have a new publican in our midst.

I’m happy to be joining the cast of EastEnders to take on the part of George Knight,” said Arrow actor Colin Salmon when asked about his casting.

Being an East End native myself, I’m eager to learn more about George, a true gentleman of the neighborhood.

Gina Knight and Anna

When George arrives at the Square, he is accompanied by his daughters Anna and Gina. As soon as they enter the cafe with Tyson the chihuahua, both girls start causing trouble.

We already sort of adore them.

Molly Rainford, the star of Nova Jones, who most recently competed in Strictly Come Dancing and advanced all the way to the last series final, will play Anna, the youngest member of the family.

I’m SO thrilled to be joining the EastEnders cast,’ Molly exclaimed. It’s an honor to bring Anna Knight, a character who is sure to stir up drama upon her arrival, to life because my family and I adore this legendary program so much.

I’ve already run into a few people I recognized from Strictly, and I can’t wait to get to know everyone and become a member of the EastEnders family.

Francesca Henry, who starred in A Discovery of Witches, will play Gina, the oldest daughter. The actress remarked, “I wish I could go back and tell a younger me that one day I would be a part of the show that I watched religiously every night with my Grandma.” Being trusted to bring Gina to the Square and to be a part of this wonderful, close-knit new family is really weird and a true honour, she says.

Who’s escaping?
Ingrid Pearce

Danielle Harold, who played Lola Pearce for two memorable seasons, is leaving the show after the heartbreaking death of the beloved character due to a deadly brain tumor.

Next week, as time is running out, Lola’s family will come together to pay their final goodbyes one by one as Linda hosts a lock-in over the Vic and the people of the Square ponder on life, love, grief, and the sadness of Lola’s passing.

Unknown victim of Christmas

One tragic Walford citizen would pass away around Christmas, as revealed in a historic flashforward episode that aired in February and foretold the approaching holiday season.

On Christmas Day, Linda, Sharon, Suki Panesar, Kathy Beale, Stacey Slater, and Denise Fox were all spotted in the Vic looking at a corpse on the floor. Sharon, who was dressed in a wedding dress, confirmed that the victim had no pulse.

Since then, fans have entered full-on speculative mode, desperately looking for hints to determine who would pass away over the holiday season.Although names like Ravi Gulati, Nish Panesar, and Keanu Taylor have been discussed in conversations, there hasn’t been any official confirmation of who will pass away just yet, so we’ll just have to wait and see!


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