Sunday, December 10, 2023

Star of Coronation Street Todd Boyce affirms Stephen Reid will murder once more.


Todd Boyce, who plays the villainous Stephen Reid on Coronation Street, has confirmed that his character will kill once again.

Leo, Jenny Connor’s former lover, was accidentally killed by Stephen before he killed Leo’s father Teddy as the truth was about to come to light.

Stephen has been obsessed with taking control at the factory since Teddy’s passing late last year by secretly administering LSD to Carla Connor’s employer to make her question her own mental stability.

Todd Boyce recently revealed that he had lofty goals for Stephen as a future serial killer by telling The Mirror that Stephen hasn’t yet claimed his last victim.

“I believe there may be more. Now that he’s developed a taste for it, I believe he believes that if he gets caught for three, he might as well get caught for four or five,” the man said.

It would be fantastic to be remembered as the series’ most prolific serial killer. What a reputation to have!

The actor made light of the fact that his fellow cast members might be worried for their characters because they never know how long he’ll stay on Coronation Street.

“The cast keeps asking me, ‘Now how long are you here for?'” stated Todd.

Then they’ll return a month later and ask, “Tell me again, how long do you think you’re going to stay?” he jokingly predicted.

They merely want to know when they can avoid me and feel secure about the future. They’re all wary of me because there have been rumors that Stephen killed important characters.

“Every cast member I deal with is concerned that they might be the person I pick next. Ryan Russell, who portrays Michael Bailey, and I are currently filming numerous scenes, and he keeps asking himself, “When did I sign my last contract?

The actor first played Stephen in the 1990s, but it wasn’t until he made a significant comeback to the cobbles last year that his killing tendencies became apparent.


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