Sunday, September 24, 2023

Strictly Come Dancing bosses in ‘final stages’ of signing up beloved EastEnder star


Bobby Brazier, a soap opera star, is a target for the producers of the upcoming season of Strictly Come Dancing. The 20-year-old previously won over BBC viewers with his EastEnders debut.

Bobby Brazier made his debut as Freddie Slater, the son of Little Mo Mitchell (Kacey Ainsworth), on the streets of Walford last year.

Chris Clenshaw, the head of EastEnders, gave Bobby an audition after being pleased by his social media posts and activity.

Since then, the 20-year-old has gained popularity among fans, who are always happy to watch Jeff Brazier and Jade Goody’s son on television.

Strictly Come Dancing executives reportedly want to cast him in the new series later this year because of his success on the BBC programme.

Bobby is a “dream” contender for the dancing competition, according to an insider.

They told The Sun: “He’s a young heart-throb who has a sizable fan base.

“He also has a very touching past, and Jade is surrounded by so much support.

“The talks are nearing their conclusion, but there are a few last-minute details to work out.”

Bobby’s mother Jade unfortunately passed away from cervical cancer in 2009 at the age of 27, leaving behind her two kids, Bobby and Freddie.

The actor has been brought up by his father Jeff and his wife Kate Dwyer since she passed away.

The EastEnders actor has previously stated that he believes Jade would be pleased with his success.

The 20-year-old added of his mother, “I’m always told she’s a hero, that she was hilarious, and that people see myself in her on a daily basis, which is good.

I’m fortunate that [her life] was somewhat public because it allows me to watch recordings whenever I feel strong enough.

“But occasionally I can’t. If I do, I shall sob.

Since making his soap opera debut, Bobby has been a part of a number of significant plotlines, one of which involves assisting his cousin Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner).

He advised that Stacey engage in online sex work since he was short on cash and had been making money by selling images of his feet.

Fans have also witnessed Bobby’s persona shed awareness on untreated ADHD in kids and how it may affect those kids’ adult lives.


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