Sunday, December 10, 2023

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Emmerdale’s Caleb Dingle in danger as he tries to put a stop to Corey’s dodgy dealings

According to the most recent Emmerdale show spoilers, Caleb Dingle puts himself in danger when he disagrees with Harry and Corey. Next week, when Caleb...

Emmerdale boss admits it’s ‘hard to say goodbye’ as they quit after 5 years

The last five years of Emmerdale has seen some of the most explosive and moving moments in the ITV soap history, including last year's...

Emmerdale’s Wendy Posner fears for Bob Hope’s health after heart attack scare

Emmerdale viewers saw Bob Hope's health take a turn for the worse after an altercation with Liam Cavanagh.Emmerdale fans will see Wendy Posner (played...

Emmerdale family torn apart as Charles Anderson reaches boiling point

Emmerdale's Charles Anderson has been struggling with his parents Claudette and Victor ever since they arrived in the village.Emmerdale vicar Charles Anderson (played by...

Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ character return following Dan Spencer’s exit

Fans of Emmerdale watched as locals bid farewell to Dan Spencer as he awaited sentencing for fatally shooting Lloyd Sawyer, the online stalker of...

Emmerdale family torn apart as Charles Anderson reaches boiling point

Since his parents Claudette and Victor moved to the village, Charles Anderson of Emmerdale has had conflict with them. The ITV soap opera Emmerdale's vicar...