Sunday, May 28, 2023

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Emmerdale family torn apart as ‘fans work’ out Jimmy King betrayal

During the most recent episode of Emmerdale, Nicola King yelled at her husband Jimmy King because she couldn't stop thinking about the car accident...

Emmerdale’s Amelia Spencer makes life-changing decision after troubled past with Gabby

Gabby Thomas and Amelia Spencer, who are parents on Emmerdale, may decide to put their troubled past behind them as the new mother agrees...

Emmerdale’s Fiona Wade pays loving tribute to soap star husband

The actress, who is best known for playing Priya Sharma in the ITV soap opera, is wed to Simon Cotton, a previous cast member. In...

Emmerdale rocked as Nicky Milligan’s secret exposed after he’s caught with lover

Nicky Milligan has been leading a double life on Emmerdale for months, but the pressure of his significant secret is starting to get to...

Emmerdale spoilers: Manpreet’s fury in injury drama

Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker), whose home life has been utterly upended by the arrival of Charles Anderson's (Kevin Mathurin) mother in Emmerdale, Claudette (Flo...

Emmerdale star hints at tragic ending for Charity Dingle as Chloe fights for Mack

Emmerdale legend Charity Dingle was devastated to learn that Mackenzie Boyd had an affair with Chloe Harris. Although Mack wants Charity back, it seems...