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Where’s Emmerdale’s Lisa Dingle actress now? Inside Jane Cox’s life after ITV soap exit


Lisa Dingle’s death from a rare disease four years ago was the last time viewers of the ITV soap opera Emmerdale saw her. Express.co.uk looked up the current location of actress Jane Cox.

One of Lisa Dingle’s most recognizable roles in Emmerdale hasn’t been seen on television in exactly four years.

For more than 20 years, actress Jane Cox played the matriarch of the Dingle family in the ITV soap opera.

What, however, has she been doing since departing from Emmerdale?

maiil.online looked back at her departure from the program and followed up to find out what she is doing these days.

After taking a break from the ITV soap opera in 2018, Jane returned when her character was identified as having the rare and serious disease amyloidosis. Lisa passed away in May of the following year.

Jane was prepared to “do different things” when her daughter Belle Dingle, played by Eden Taylor-Draper, began to experience mental health issues, even though she did reprise her role in a few voice cameos in October and November 2020.

Why did Jane Cox leave Emmerdale as Lisa Dingle?

It is long, long days and then you don’t have time in the evenings because you have lines to learn for the next day, Jane said of her decision to leave the ITV soap.

“My mother passed away a few years ago, so it does make you reflect on the important things in life,”

Lisa’s passing sealed her departure from the soap opera, so there was no room for Jane to come back.

What is Jane Cox doing now?

Jane has attempted to write a book and pursued an art history degree over the past ten years.

However, the actress has started practicing reflexology as an alternative medical therapy since formally leaving the Dales.

Jane explained her career change to Inside Soap in 2019: “Well, I wanted to slow down a bit, and I’m currently doing a reflexology course.

I’m open to acting opportunities, but right now I’m just chilling, which is a luxury for me.

However, she won’t be featured in any reality TV programs any time soon.

I wouldn’t do that, she said, according to Digital Spy. I lead a private life of my own and I mostly act. In that sense, I don’t see myself as a celebrity.

Fans can be sure that Jane won’t be spotted on I’m A Celebrity or in the Australian jungle on Strictly Come Dancing. Future Get Me Out Of Here movies.


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