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Whitney Dean from EastEnders rejects Zack for concealing his HIV diagnosis.


He finally told her the truth.

Some readers may find it upsetting to read this article’s description of miscarriage.

In tonight’s episode of EastEnders (March 21), Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) rejected Zack Hudson (James Farrar) for his lies when he finally revealed that he had been diagnosed with HIV, leaving him sad.

Months ago, Zack discovered he had the disease, but he couldn’t bring himself to tell Whit, who was carrying his child at the time. Whit made the difficult decision to abort her pregnancy so that baby Peach wouldn’t suffer after the couple discovered that their pregnant daughter had Edwards syndrome.

Grieving Zack has grown more alone in recent weeks as Whit has been pushing him away and people close to him have ignored his grief after losing Peach. But earlier this week, Peach’s ashes were strewn together after Zack was moved to plant a tree in Peach’s honor. Whit kissed him thereafter, but Zack backed away because he was worried about telling her the important information.

Whitney was perplexed as to why he was being so reserved, but Zack informed his sister Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) that he and Whitney couldn’t be a couple. Sharon subsequently saw Zack with Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf) and informed Whitney that he didn’t seem to be interested in continuing their relationship.

Whitney, however, asked Zack to the house for a conversation after being prodded by friend Chelsea Fox (Zaraah Abrahams). Sharon and she were unaware that Zack and Sam were visiting his consultant at the hospital while Zack was there with Sam. They learned that Zack’s treatment was working and that his viral load was decreasing, which was wonderful news.

Sam, however, interjected with some queries, asking if Zack could ever safely have children and when he would be allowed to engage in sexual activity. After waiting another five months until his next consultation, Zack might be ready to engage in safe unprotected intercourse, according to the expert. Sam urged Zack to tell Whit everything when they were back in the Square, but he advised her to avoid the topic.

But in the end, Zack went to see Whitney and told her he loved her and wished they could be together forever. Whit questioned what was keeping them apart, and Zack answered by sharing his condition. Whit was horrified to learn that Zack had known for some time. As he told how it happened and that he was unsure of how long he had lived with the disease, Whit inquired if she or their child would have been infected with HIV.


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