Thursday, June 8, 2023

Zack Hudson of EastEnders experiences further heartache after telling Whitney about his HIV diagnosis.


After disclosing his HIV status to Whitney in EastEnders, Zack Hudson has experienced a further, tragic setback.

Since last week, the on-off couple has been dealing with the loss of their daughter Peach. Despite initially deciding to part ways, Whitney and Zack are still visibly attracted to one another.

Whitney was horrified when Zack essentially ignored her in the episode that aired on Tuesday (March 21), even though Chelsea had persuaded her to give him another chance.

Zack was anxious about his approaching clinic appointment to discuss his HIV diagnoses. He did learn that his viral load is decreasing as a result of his new treatment, which is very encouraging.

Sam Mitchell stood by Zack’s side to pose some difficult concerns regarding the possibilities of having another kid in the future with a partner, but was reassured that there were ways to make it happen.

Zack was worried about his next clinic visit to talk about his HIV diagnosis. He did hear that, as a result of his new treatment, his viral load is declining, which is very positive.

Sam Mitchell stood by Zack’s side and expressed some challenging doubts about the likelihood of having a second child with a partner in the future, but was comforted that there were ways to make it happen.

He said that he had occasionally avoided her due to his HIV diagnosis. Not because of Zack’s diagnosis, but rather because he had kept it a secret from her all this time, Whitney was stunned by the discovery.

Whitney begged Zack to leave her house because she no longer felt she could trust him. Is this the end of Zack and Whitney’s journey?


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